What is your age group ?

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What is your age group ?

Find out what age group your son/daughter will play in when they put on the Westbrook jumper in the Sydney AFL competition.

Fundamentally, we encourage players to participate in their correct age group. However, we will consider exceptions for highly skilled players, family, team make up and friendship reasons.

Year Born                        Age group

2011-2014                        Auskick

2011                                    Auskick Under 8s

2010                                   U9s

2009                                   U10s

2008                                   U11s

2007                                   U12s

2006                                   U13s

2005                                   U14s

2004                                   U15s

2003/2002                        U17s

It is simply based on the age you are turning in any given year. Example, if you are turning 11 in 2019 (1st Jan – 31st Dec), the lowest age group you can play is Under 11s

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