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Juniors AFL

Below is a summary of the AFL structure in Sydney.

Junior U9s and U10s

  • No competition tables and non divisionalised or graded
  • Reduced field size separated into 3 zones to avoid congestion and spread opportunity
  • Modified tackling (no bringing to the ground, barging or charging)
  • Week night training
  • Team squads approx. 12 players each, usually mates with mates

 Junior U11s and U12s (Divisionalised)

  • Competition football, divisionalised for U11s and 12s
  • Reduced field size
  • Junior tackling rules now apply (no Player shall be deliberately slung, dumped or thrown to the ground via any tackle)
  • Week night training
  • Team squads approx. 16-18 players each

Subject to numbers, Westbrook intends to offer opportunities to play in various divisions.



Under  U9 Mark Lean-Fore Markleanfore@hotmail.com 0411 181 798
Under 10 Mark Sherwood marksherwood6@gmail.com 0488 700 837
Under 11 Sam Dinsmore Shdinsmore@gmail.com 0411 118 039
Under 12 Phil Irwin philipirwin9@gmail.com 0428 693 710
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