Youth U18s Junior AFL (Ages 16-18)

Westbrook Junior Australian Football Club can offer a place in an alliance team.

Youth U18s Junior AFL
Coach Coach EmailCoach Phone
Alex Wadealexrwade01@gmail.com0478 040 089
ManagerManager EmailManager Phone
Robyn McKern (HBE);0414 912 382


If your a girls aged 16 to 18 then register with Westbrook Junior Australian Football Club to play in the Girls Youth U18s Junior AFL team in the Sydney AFL competition.

Girls Youth U18s (ages 16-18):

  • Competition
  • Full field / Reduced field depending on numbers
  • AFL rules
  • 16 a side (minimum 12)
  • For transitioning junior girls (currently in full rule mixed competitions)
  • Week night training

Sydney Harbour and GWS are the largest youth aged female competitions in NSW and provides opportunities for both new and experienced players.

  • U18 competition (Division 1 and Division 2) – transitions the girls to full field, full rules AFL.

To register click here