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AFL NSW-ACT has an ideal that we should all hold true; And that is “leaving the game and community in better shape for future generations”.

This will be achieved through working through the three key values:


– Focus on delivering or exceeding performance objectives
– Responsible for our actions and results and do what we say we will
– Act with integrity – deal with all people honestly, ethically and transparently
– No surprises
– Make decisions in a timely manner, even when under tight deadlines and pressure
– Be prepared to go the extra mile
– Persevere when faced with setbacks

– Strive for constant improvement
– Respect the great history of our game and its role in the community but challenge the status quo
– Find new and creative ideas to innovate
– Focus on the future
– Embrace change and new ideas

– Embrace and respect diversity and inclusion – understand and value the differences in every person
– Acknowledge the efforts of others
– Listen actively and consider other viewpoints
– Cooperate with others
– Help team or other departments or stakeholders in getting work done
– Act with humility and modesty

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