From AFL Sydney Juniors: “A massive congratulations must go out to the management team at Westbrook for their delivery of the event. From the canteen staff, to the field managers and officials, they have been extremely accommodating to the footballing cohort.”

Thank you to those families and individuals who made a contribution. In particular, we do need to recognise some of the heavy lifters – the Sparks, Mardling, Vink, Love, Campbell, Murdoch, and Smith families, and Anna Tremewan.

Also, thank you to Westbrook Coaches and Managers who helped lead some of the teams – Mark Sherwood, Grant Smith, Sam Dinsmore, Brad & Angela Hawkins, Chris Heyes, and Simon Paris.

 Wish we could clone you as you make up part of the generous 10% of families who do over 90% of the volunteering.