Despite the cold, we were thrilled to host so many teams and clubs on Saturday evening. We extended a big welcome especially to the Girls Alliance teams, with many players making their way to Mike Kenny Oval for the first time! With so many teams playing and spectators visiting, we managed to survive the evening with the Sparks family doing an exceptional job at the canteen, along with the ground managers on duty (Rob, Bailey, Xander and Nic..and with a bit of help from me on the mic!)

We are also very grateful to those who donated prizes – the SCG Trust, Sydney Swans, GWS Giants, AFL Sydeny Juniors, Gorgeous Skin & Beauty, Your Book Shop, Variety Marketing, Church and Dwight, Nilfisk, and the Whittinghams, Murdochs, Sparks, Meadows, Madlings, Smiths, Vinks, and Leanfores.

Finally, thank you to the wonderful Cherrybrook Pink Ribbon crew who offered their time, resources and baking. To Amanda Whittingham and her band of helpers, your support was invaluable. Most of these families don’t have children playing AFL, but are drawn in by the Westbrook spirit.